Hunt Coat Alterations

Bought a used coat for shows that I ADORE. However, the sleeves are about an inch too short, and the shoulders are about a half inch too small for my likings. the sleeves have buttons though, would that be an issue? and are the shoulders even able to be broadened? I just don’t want to be claustrophobic in it with my show shirt and can’t buy a new one right now if it all fails…

Shoulders can be let out a TINY bit at the armhole, but not much. If it’s an actual tailored coat (not off the rack) there is a lot going on in the arm hole that will make it expensive. You could have the center back seam let out a smidge as well to give you more room when you reach forward for the reins, but it won’t actually widen the shoulders.

If the sleeves have real button holes, lengthening them could be an issue. An inch is a lot - they will likely have to add additional material to have it meet up with the lining correctly. It just depends how much was left for allowance. Some tailors purposely leave room there for letting out, and others don’t.

When I was a tailor, I always told my clients to buy coats that fit in the bust and shoulders, because those are difficult to tailor and expensive if it can even be done!

I just got my Hermes hunt coat altered at Nordstrom. They did the sleeves with the buttons beautifully! I am so happy with it.

Plus, if you have a Nordstrom card (debit or credit) you get $200 in alterations for free every year! (It wasn’t purchased at Nordstrom so I paid $50 upfront but they reimburse you!)

Best of luck!

there is about an inch and a half of being able to let out, I was only concerned for the buttons. thank you!

Rumors, Thanks for the Nordstroms PSA.