Hunt Coats in the Jumpers

In a couple weeks I will be going to a higher end, multi day, schooling show where I will be showing in hunter, jumper, and equitation. Although my equitation is at a different time on a different day my hunter and jumper is at the same time! I have two different horses and two different saddles and my best friend that has volunteered to be my groom so that’s all set, but I know for sure I won’t have time to change. I will have a white show shirt (Essex talent yarn) but we bought it big as I’m still growing and it looks sloppy without a jacket. Could I show in jumper in a show coat? I know in Grand Prix’s you have to, but I don’t want to look out of place. There is a jumper derby with prize money and stake’s class which makes it a tiny bit more formal. Would this be acceptable? Thanks!

Totally acceptable, I still show in the formal jumper classes in a black hunter coat all the time and I see people doing it quite often in the regular classes as well, especially if they are swapping between mounts. Looking more put together will never make you look out of place, plus you might get some really nice photos :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! And it just so happens my best friend/groom is an aspiring photographer;)

i show the adult jumpers and although i haven’t done any schooling shows recently, i do all my classes in a coat. some folks show in more casual stuff, even at the a shows. it’s better to be over dressed than under dressed and the judge will certainly appreciate it! and, like SansPeur pointed out, you might get some good photos!

I am team hunt coat. It just looks sharp, IMO.

If hunt coats are the norm in the hunter ring for this show series, then a hunt coat in the jumpers will be perfectly fine.

I always wear my coat in the jumpers. Fifty percent of the reasoning is that my first (and most influential) trainer was of the “Coat waved? You still wear it.” mindset and fifty percent is because I feel it really makes the pictures/video look more professional.

You are totally fine - I see it all the time at bigger shows. I figure it is a scheduling issue like yours, considering I only wear my coat when it is absolutely necessary! Good luck at the show!

I only show jumpers and I always wear a coat. It looks nicer and I love the ones I have.

You may want to check the rules- if the derby is like a Classic, formal attire may be required (white shirt, black coat).

I always wear my coat in the jumpers.

Have you been to any shows to observe the division you’ll be showing in? Unless it is very low level or very very casual you’ll see the majority of people wearing coats.

Coats are always appropriate.

Most of the schooling shows I go to, there are half the riders who wear polos, and half wear a coat. I always wear a coat. I feel like I at least LOOK like I know what I’m doing. :slight_smile:

Is it ever wrong to wear a coat? :slight_smile:

I always regret when I choose not to (and that is usually a decision based on heat, occasionally based on convenience and size of show). Pictures just aren’t the same when you aren’t in a coat.

I cannot think of other athletic activity where competitors wear coats and ties. Well maybe in Harry Potter?
And because I think my horses and me are athletes, I never wear a coat. I wear a conservative athletic technical top that doesn’t bring attention to me, I want all attention on my beautiful horses.

How is wearing a coat in a sport where it is, in fact, tradition for competitors to wear coats bringing attention to oneself?

I 10000% don’t care what other people wear, so go on with your bad self, but that strikes me as an odd thing to say.

Plus, my guy is a bright blood bay with lots of chrome. Me in my plain little blue or black coat isn’t detracting from his glory in the least! :lol:

I suppose it’s a good thing that so many companies now make conservative athletic technical jackets, then.

Depends on the show. If I’m schooling a baby at a schooling show, I don’t want to wear my nice (and $$) show coat and face plant in the dirt. But if I’m on my more broke horse or anything more then a schooling show I use a coat/shirt.