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Hunt seat lessons near Östersund, Sweden?

Hello international equestrians! I will be traveling to Östersund for two weeks this summer, and would really like to take a lesson or two during my visit. It is an aspiration of mine to ride in every place that I travel to, and Sweden is no exception! I am a solidly intermediate, hunt seat rider, and would like to try to find a stable that has hunt seat lessons. Unfortunately, I do not speak any Swedish. Hopefully, this won’t be a impassible roadblock. Any recommendations are appreciated. I’m also open to meeting up with any fellow equestrians if that’s of mutual interest. Thank you, and happy riding!

I don’t know much about Ostersund (I travel to Gotheburg for work once or twice a year) but not sure you will find hunt seat lessons…it seems to be more of an American thing? But, I bet you could find jumper or dressage lessons.

Most everyone speaks English in Sweden so you shouldn’t have any trouble with the language. Have fun and make sure to go tack shopping! The exchange rate is our favor and you can pick up some good deals on European tack. :slight_smile: