Hunter/Equitation/Jumper Barn Near Ocala/Gainesville

Hi all!
I recently moved to Gainesville and have been struggling really hard to find a barn that I can take lessons (without owning my own horse). At home, I would show occasionally in the Children’s Hunters (3’) so I’d hope to be jumping around that height at a barn here. I can’t afford to be showing every weekend but may be able to show at a local show every so often. It would be ideal if I could also hack a horse or two several times a week, but that isn’t required.

If anyone has any recommendations of barns nearby Gainesville or Ocala, please let me know!

Thank you in advance!

Try Cavalli Farm - Mellisa M. or Wynfield Farm - Ella R. I believe those two will likely be your best bet.

I’m Melissa at Cavalli farm. PM me if you want to stop by and see the farm for lessons. I don’t know many farms in the area that have 3ft lesson horses - most you have to lease. I have a personal investment horse that might work for you depending on what your commitment would be. Ella at Wynfield is a good friend of mine and has more to lease in barn but either of us could help you find a lease as well.