Hunter / Equitation Trainer in Grass Valley / Auburn / Sacramento Area

Hi everyone!

I’m moving from Colorado to Penn Valley, California this month. I’m with a fabulous hunter trainer in Denver right now, who I love dearly, and unfortunately have just had the hardest time finding a good trainer in this area of CA.

I have a coming 5-year-old warmblood gelding, and would love to find a good “A” program/trainer for us. He is staying in CO until we can find someone good here! Does anyone have any recommendations for good folks in the area (for 2023)? We’d be happy at anything from a tiny boutique program to something larger! I am more than fine with driving an hour/an hour and fifteen minutes one way/

I’ve gotten a few conflicting recommendations for trainers/programs in the area, so would love to see what folks think/recommend here!

*Note: I know there is a similar topic on the forum from ~2011. Hoping to find some more updated information now that it’s been over a decade!

Thanks all!

This was a few years ago so I’m not sure if she’s still there (or her involvement with hunters, tbh), but my mom shipped in for some lessons with Sarah Ballou and thought quite highly of her.

Hunterville in Penryn. Patty Ball is the trainer - absolutely top notch.

Patty Ball also my vote for that area.

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Thank you so much! I’ve heard wonderful things about her, too, but just heard that she moved out of the area a couple of years ago :frowning:

Thank you so much! I will have to go and check her out.

I’m local to the area. Honestly there’s really no trainers up in the area unless you search towards the south of Auburn and get into Newcastle and Granite Bay area that would probably work for what you’d like. There’s only one English trainer I know of in the immediate area but she dabbles more in eventing than anything. I know Anne Greco is in the area as well but I couldn’t tell you much more than that.

Patty Ball is probably the only trainer nearby that would be closest to what you’d prefer. Unfortunately boarding and training facilities in the area are minimal to none!

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Thank you so much! I did get in touch with Anne Greco – she’s so kind and seems lovely, but sounds like she isn’t doing training/showing anymore and solely focusing on her retirement boarding.
Thank you for the Patty Ball recommendation! Sounds like someone needs to open up a little boutique show barn up here in Nevada County! :wink:

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Sorry to hijack, but is there anyone who would be willing to share information on horsekeeping and h/j scene in the Sacramento area more generally? It would be a cross- country move, although I do have experience having horses in the desert west and in the Bay Area in the past. If I could PM that would be great! Thanks so much!

Jill and Jan Humphrey are in the Sacramento area with a large successful program (JH Sporthorses). Kelly van Vleck is out there as well, in Murieta. Both are well established, competitive hunter/jumper programs.

True but unfortunately they are a 2 hr drive (daytime traffic) away. A ton of good barns in Elk Grove and Wilton (though many are still flooded).

100% your best option as far as quality of training is Patty Ball (Hunterville). But there’s also Folly Farms (Audrie Kerr) who seems to have a nice facility but not as focused on A circuit stuff. You could also try Cavallo with Sami Milo but I’ve heard good and bad about that program.

I’d stay away from Los Lagos. Facility is nice but the “trainer” isn’t on the same level. More local/county stuff and little kids.

Big Sky Equestrian Center is new and I’ve heard super nice. The trainer Lauren LoPicollo is an eventer but I know H/J people who said she was great.

But yeah, basically another vote for Hunterville and Patty Ball.

Feel free to PM me.