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Hunter/Equitation Trainers in NE OHIO

Can anyone recommend a good hunter/equitation trainer in North East Ohio? I am new to the area and looking to trailer in for lessons. I would like to find an excellent teacher, not necessarily the biggest name. Thanks!

Start here: its the list of options.
I know a number of them but I’m years out of the hunter world; I rode w/ Pat Bostwick and a little w/ Betsy Lewis when they were all at the Chagrin Valley Hunt Club. Cody and Brittany Lewis are Betsy’s grown daughters. Jeff Gogul is also good, but I believe he spends part of year in Fla.

Note that the OPHA has a calendar page; Go to the show at Andrews or Chagrin Valley Farms; watch, listen, talk to riders.

I just moved out of Northeast Ohio after living there for 7 years. I can recommend a few out in the Chargin/Chestland area. I’d suggest DE Show Stables in Chesterland. Great trainer, smaller barn but great facilities and people. I’d also look at that OPHA page as well.