Hunter Jumper barns in Bloomington, Indiana

Hi guys!
I’m looking at two schools for college, Tulane University in New Orleans and IU Bloomington in Indiana and I’m trying to see the barns near each (I’m about to create a New Orleans thread). I’ve tried researching on these forums for barns near IU but most have been eventing or closed down. If anyone has any knowledge of the barns (within an hour? Is that reasonable) of IU I would love your thought and input - or even just a name! Thank you!!

Hey there! I went to IU for grad school and rode my first year until I broke my foot (long, fun story haha).

Unfortunately it really is a desert–you have to drive about 1.5 to hit the barns with A circuit H/J programs…

I ended up at an eventing barn for that reason. Because I didn’t have a horse at the time, I didn’t care too much–I just wanted saddle time, and honestly I got some great coaching that I’ve taken back to hunter land, esp when I’m on green ones.

All that said… I went to IU because the music school hands-down is one of the best in the country, so it was a no-brainer for me to put that first and figure out horses second. I also just love Bloomington. It is a funky little town where you surprisingly have everything.

What kind of program are you looking for? And do you plan to bring a horse with you or just lesson?

As said above, you will have to drive to the north side of Indy or to the Louisville area to find an A-level show barn.

There are barns in the Bloomington area, but none that I can recommend for boarding. If you are looking for just lessons, there are a few options (depending on what kind of lessons you are looking for).

If you are open to driving an hour or so though, there are a lot more options on the north side of Indy.


The best h/j barns are about 1.5 hours north of Bloomington. I highly recommend Michelle Arnold. She is absolutely WONDERFUL and I would drive over an hour to lesson with her. She is absolutely worth the drive and then some.

~ A Purdue grad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’m planning to bring my horse (low adult jumper) and currently board at an AA show barn. Any barns you would or would not recommend?

Where would you recommend? I’m open to driving

What is her barns name? Any more you would or wouldn’t recommend?

Michelle’s barn is Talbot Street farm. Absolutely recommend her but it’s a haul from Bloomington. PM me and I. Can share contact info.