Hunter/Jumper Barns in Calgary, AB?

Hi All,

Recently moved to Calgary from the Toronto area and am hoping to find a barn out here for lessons. I showed on the A Circuit in Ontario and would ideally like a barn that is active on the show circuit here for if/when I decide to go back into the ring. Any recommendations for good barns would be super helpful!

Do you have your own horse or need a school horse? What height do you want to be jumping? There’s quite a few barns, but not many with a school horse string if that’s what you need! I can give you a list based on your answers as we have lots of active show barns!

Sold my horse prior to moving, but would be open to leasing or finding a decent lesson horse for awhile until I buy (understand that’s hard to come by). Was showing in 3’6” / 1.10m classes prior to moving and ideally would like to be jumping around that height

Hmmm, I’m not sure of any lesson horses in Calgary that jump to 1.10m……I’m at Teesdale and we have one of the largest school horse programs and only allow our school horses to jump to 3ft, as do most of the school horse programs! But definitely feel free to stop by and take a look at barns to see which will fit you! Many of us are either at Spruce Meadows for the summer series, or like my barn, leaving for Thunderbird this coming weekend for 2 weeks, but upon returning would be happy to give you a barn tour!

For barns in the South (with school horses) I believe the biggest ones are….

Teesdale stables….This is my barn (large lesson program and my trainer will also find lease horses etc). We also have a fb and Instagram page

Paramount stables….

Willow grove stables….

Twin valley stales….

In the North there’s

MC Equestrian….on fb

Non school horse barns (all the above) plus…. (They may have school,horses)

Sandscape Ridge, Cody peach ……on fb

We have lots more but hopefully that can get you started……and most trainers in Calgary are quite friendly with each other, and are happy to point people to the best barns when asked

There’s also shows going on at RMSJ over the next few months……if barns aren’t at TBird, they will be there, so it’s a good time to go check,out trading styles etc! There’s a ton of names I’ve missed, that are fabulous if your budget will be quite large! We have a lot of successful riders and trainers in the area thanks to Spruce Meadows!