hunter/jumper barns in Charlotte, NC

Hello all,
this summer my family and I are moving from a small Georgia town to the south suburbs of Charlotte, NC. I have been an equestrian (specifically hunter/jumper) for seven years. I’m looking for a new barn, preferably one with lots of A/AA showing oppratunities and goes to big shows (eg Tryon, Devon, HITS/WEF, etc.) with also some local showing options (eg SCEC, NCHJA) An IEA team would also be nice, and one with high-school ages kids. I’ve heard great things about Cedarhill Farm and Carolina Country Acres, but are there any I’ missing out on? Also, does anybody know anything about Alise Oken’s barn? I know it’s around the area and they show a lot. Is it a private barn or are they open to boarding and training?

Those would be my top two picks!!!

If you truly want a barn that’s competitive at the AA shows, you will probably need to commute to Camden, where there are a plethora of choices.

Karen Kelley is anothrt good choice and just moved to Simms Hill in Waxhaw.

Karen Kelley is another good choice and just moved to Sims Hill in Waxhaw.

Maplegate Farm/Cathy Dow sounds like exactly what you are looking for. Also, Fairytale Farm is in a different part of town but not far. Both of those options do indoors/Devon and Maplegate usually makes a trip to WEF. Kerin Benson also does a great job but has more of a pony focus and is further out.

I second Karen Kelley at Sims Hill or Jaimee Rosenthal at Fairytale.

Did Mike Hennegan leave? He seems like such a great trainer.

Sending you a PM.

I received it. Thank you, I sent you one back.

Thank you! Do you know if there’s a website for Maplegate? I could only find their facebook page.

Hi Congr, Welcome to Charlotte. Steve Heinecke, who trained out of the Oken’s farm for many years, has recently relocated to Robindale Farm. Steve is accepting new clients and growing his business. I think you will find that he has the best resume of any trainer in the area and attends the shows you are looking for. The farm is located just off Providence Rd. less than 5 miles from 485 on the Waxhaw/Weddington line. The barn has all the amenities you would expect from an AA show barn plus a covered arena.