Hunter/Jumper barns in Columbus, OH area

I live on the southeast side of Columbus (Pickerington) and am looking for a solid barn to grow with. I just graduated from college and am starting a full-time job next month. I’ve been riding for about 10 years, four of those were with Kent State’s IHSA team. I am a motivated, passionate person who loves to get involved and commit to something.

I need a barn I can call home for a while, as I’m looking to buy (or lease) a first horse within the next year. Board would need to be in the $350-450 range. Opportunities to work off board or lessons would be great. Since I’m only looking to compete on a local level for now, on-site or nearby trails would be a plus. I would love a 30 minute-or-less drive from Pickerington, but am willing to go a bit further for the right place.

Any help is appreciated!