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Hunter/Jumper barns in DC area?

Before I begin I know there are already existing topics like this but I haven’t been able to find any newer ones that relate to my situation

Hello! my daughter is currently looking to switch barns and i was wondering if we could have some suggestions!
My daughter is 15 and has been riding for about 7 years, she has showed hunters and tried eventing, and at her current barn she is jumping around 3’-3’3. We are also not planning on buying our daughter a horse however we have agreed that she can part/full lease as long as it is at a reasonable price. Basically we are looking for a barn that isn’t necessarily super fancy and competitive but at the same time one that offers leases and where she can improve. Because a lot lesson barns, although offering leasing and showing programs, tend to keep their students jumping no higher than 2’6.

We live in the Rockville area and we are looking for barns preferably in the poolseville/Dickerson/boyds/ area, but we are open to suggestions of barns outside those areas as long as they are nearby! Also preferably the lesson prices be $60/70 and hour max

Here is some required criteria:

  • Offers leases
  • Reasonable pricing
  • quality training and facility
  • within in MOCO
  • Fairly close rockville (around a 30/35 min drive is reasonable)
  • Goes to rated shows
  • indoor arena
  • friendly staff and generally friendly clients

Some criteria that is not required but would be amazing to have!

  • access to trails
  • lesson horses
  • good mix of adult/teenage riders
  • goes to both rated and local
  • gives her a lot of independence (she can jump by her self, trail ride, etc.)

That’s all I can think of right now, but some help is greatly appreciated! If you have any other questions feel free to send me a message/comment them here!