Hunter Jumper Barns in Northern IL

Hi Everyone!

I am new to the Northern IL area and am looking for a barn for my horse and I. I moved her out here, but the barn we are at just isn’t working out.

I am looking for an affordable and reliable barn that I can count on to give simple things like supplements. I need a barn that is clean, does stalls daily and has high standards.

I’m a hunter jumper who does not show (but used to in the past) and I am hoping to show again soon! I do not need an A barn, but I need something that I can go to sleep every night knowing my horse is safe and not worrying that she didn’t get her supplements etc.

My budget is $800. I could do 900 but that is reallllly pushing it. I do not need full service etc.

Sent you a PM.

Where specifically are you? There are hundreds of options, many very good in the budget!

Hi there! I am located near Schaumburg if that helps! :slight_smile: Please let me know any barns you have in mind!

Sent you a pm.