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Hunter/Jumper Barns in Wellington, Florida area

hi everyone:

I am moving to the Wellington/south florida area this summer and and desperately trying to find the best barn for me and my horse (an older hunter/eq holsteiner). I am an amateur rider looking to compete in some of the nearby shows, and need both a good barn and trainer for me and my horse:D . ive found a few either online or recommended to me and i was wondering your opinions and any info at all you have about the barn/trainer either from experience or even just seeing the barn, trainer, horses or riders listed below. Hopefully this will help me solidify my list for when i come down to look in a few weeks.:lol:

heres what ive got:

Castlewood Farms :Alan Korotkin
Palm Beach Riding Academy :Sean Jones
Treasure Coast Stables :JP Roukis
Arborwood Stables :Becky Fruehling
Carriage Hill Farms :Jane Fennessey
Palms Stables :Wendy Ballard

They’re all good barns.

The only note I would make about Carriage Hill is that the facility it’s in is like a huge 24/7/365 horse show. So if you’re cool with constant chaos, it’s fine. But if your horse or you stress out easily being around that environment or you take issue with trainers from other barns screaming at beginner lesson kids who are barreling around the rings all the time, it may not be for you. The instruction at Carriage Hill is wonderful, I just found the facility itself to be insane and stressful. Especially on weekend mornings when the trotters and pacers are out working on the track and the horses are all giving them th hairy eyeball.