Hunter/Jumper Barns Near Los Angeles?

Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I will hopefully be (fingers crossed) moving to Los Angeles for grad school in the fall (UCLA!), and I am looking to get my pony fix! I would love some good barn recommendations. Due to my sad student budget, I can probably only afford lessons, maybe a half lease or care lease for the time being. My primary concerns are horsemanship (horse always comes first) and technique; I am always aiming to improve myself. I’d love a place that I could go for evening and/or weekend lessons and jump around 2’6-3ft?

I realize not being able to own or full lease will probably limit me quite a bit, and it’s been tough sorting out the kiddo programs from places with lessons for adult ammies. Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Which school? That would help—LA is a big place.

Whoops - UCLA. Sorry about that!

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We have mostly amateurs at my barn in Cerritos and a great program with great lesson horses. Depending on the time of day the commute could get ugly, but that is true of any commute that involves getting in or out of west LA. Are you going to be living near campus? PM me if you have any questions about horses in LA, grad school, or LA traffic. I grew up in west LA, did a postdoc at UCLA years ago, and am currently on the faculty of Santa Monica College.

First Field Farm - Cerritos -

Off topic, but Congrats!

I would recommend Pat Lincourt at Lincourt Stables at The Paddock. She’s great, kind to students and horses, has lesson horses, and the Paddock is in the city (admittedly over the hill, but if you’re a grad student you can probably work around traffic).

And congrats! I did my grad work at UCLA. It’s a great school/area and I’m sure you’ll love it.

I know Crosscreek West has a lesson program, as well as being a nice A barn. But there are SO many barns in LA. It’s worth calling a few to see if they have lesson horses! I’d look up results on ShowGroundsLive & maybe go on their Instagram to see if you like their barn, and scope out if they have lesson kids. Obviously that’s the longer way of doing things. Good luck!

  • Amy Hess / Avanti (Hansen Dam) is also someone I would recommend.

Crosscreek West in in San Marcos, not local to Los Angeles.

I agree about Amy Hess!

OP, I trust you will have a car. Sadly, there is nothing really convenient to UCLA. You will have to see what your class schedule looks like.

Is there a barn in the Brentwood area that I don’t know about ?

Oh jeez, it’s been a while! Why did I always think it was in a Calabasas or something…

Amy definitely has lesson horses and it’s a fun environment.

When I was at UCLA many years ago I took lessons at Far West Farms and loved it. I remember them having a pretty big lesson program with great school horses. It’s in Calabasas, which was very doable for LA, especially if you can go off peak times.

I know someone who operated her barn as Cross Creek first in Palos Verdes and then in Moorpark, keeping the name when she moved to Kentucky. So there’s that.

There are several trainers operating out of the Sullivan Canyon area near where Mandeville Canyon runs into Sunset. I think you have to pay a membership fee to use the riding facility.