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Hunter/jumper lessons in Washington, DC

Hi all,

I’m out in Washington, DC for graduate school and looking for a place to ride once or twice a week. I showed in the equitation throughout college up to the Talent Search finals and did IHSA as well. I’m looking for a barn in the DMV area that offers reasonable quality lesson horses (I know I won’t be getting any 3’6" medal mounts, but hopefully jumping somewhere in the 2’6"-3’ range) and a legitimate trainer. Any leads?

Thank you so much for any help!!

Welcome to the area! Where do you plan on living (DC, MD, VA)? What kind of driving are you willing to do?

There are lots of great barns in the area, both in Maryland & Virginia, but your location makes a lot of difference in which way out of the city you’ll want to go. Traffic out here can be hell and can make getting to the barn a real chore if you head the wrong direction.

Also there are lots of threads already in existence on this subject so you might find the info you are looking for faster by searching too.

Definitely need to know exactly where you’re living, your transportation available and whether you’ll be able to travel at odd times.

Thanks for the help! I’m living in Dupont area, but willing to drive as much as an hour and a half for a good horse fix. I’ve definitely experienced some nasty traffic, but luckily my classes are at night so my travel time is very flexible.

I tried searching in the forum, but wasn’t able to come up with much. I’m new to forums as well, so maybe I’m making some rookie mistakes.

With your background, I imagine you can dig up something to ride at a decent barn…have you contacted your former trainer(s), coach(s) for ideas? Visited a tack store? They usually know everything. Plus a tack store is a nice fix when you’ve been away for awhile. Get to know your way around, do some test drives for location and time and you can do lunch. I’ve done that in new areas.

Look into Meadowbrook.

Talk with Jenny Graham at Cedar Creek in Sterling,VA. My neighbors ride with her and are very pleased.

Contact Allie Listrani Panetta at Walnut Pond - you will not be disappointed! :slight_smile:

Jonelle Mullen at Tudane Farm in Aldie typically has nice horses you can lesson on. It will take you about an hour from DuPont.

Eduardo Coria , Showjumper, eventer and Foxhunter has his barn in Marshall. Just next to 66 (50min-1 hour from DC) He has great school horses.Facility has a nice and warm indoor.

Sue Lyman in The Plains (703-999-7608) has a horse you can lesson on. She only has an outdoor so lessons are touch and go in the winter.