Hunter jumper show barns in VA recommendations

Hello, I am looking for recommendations for hunter/jumper show barns in VA for a friend that is considering to relocate. Specifically interested in barns around Middleburg/Leesburg and Charlottesville areas that do A-circuit shows. Any recommendations and advice are greatly appreciated!

There are a lot of options around those areas, but the ones you may see at a lot of the A and AA shows in Virginia include Clairvaux in Leesburg, Woodhall Farm with Peter Foley in Aldie, then across the river into Maryland- which will be a bit more of a drive- you have Alan Lohman at Lohman Stables and Patty Foster at Rolling Acres. Out near Middleburg you have a bunch of options, the ones I see most often at shows are Tudane with Jonelle Mullen and Vineyard Haven with Tom Brennan.

Around Charlottesville you have the Barracks, Zach Parks at Cadeux and Memory Hill. I’m sure there are a bunch of others but those are the ones I see most often (and can think of off the top of my head!).

Best of luck to your friend!

Edited to add: you may be able to tell from my list that I do the hunters so I am sure there are barns out there that focus more heavily on the jumpers that I am not familiar with.

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I used to live near Dulles and I spent 4 years at Clairvaux with Terri - never had a single complaint the entire time I was there, and I am FUSSY when it comes to my horses. But both of my boys were insanely happy. Only left her barn because we moved out of state (I honestly had a moment where I was checking out the price of flights and tried to see if commuting to the barn 500 miles was feasible…).

She has a new site opening up that I’ve never seen in person but knowing her standards, it’s a safe bet it will be equally as amazing as her Leesburg barn. The world needs more barns like hers.

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Another good one in the C-ville area is Cameron Hill with John and Jocelyn Martin.

If you can drive down to The Plains, you’ve got Sloane Coles at Spring Ledge.

Tom at Vineyard Haven is amazing, but very pricey (but you get what you pay for). It’s very useful to train with someone who is currently judging at the top venues as well.

If your friend would consider Richmond, there are a bunch more options there as well!

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