Hunter/Jumper Trainers in Chicago Suburbs?

Hi all! I’m looking for a good barn in the burbs with an experienced trainer for jumping lessons, but bonus points if they have horses available for lease in the future. I have a lot of riding experience, but little formal training (my grandparents own a barn in the Quad Cities, so I’ve been riding my whole life, but only took lessons here and there). I rode all the time growing up but took a break when I went off to college, and now I’m ready to get back in the saddle! I live in Wheaton and work in the city, so ideally closer to home is better, but I’m used to commuting. Here are a couple of places near me that I’ve reached out to so far:

Hawks Landing Stables - Hampshire, IL
Stanley Luke Farm - Countryside, IL

Thanks for the help!

You might want to change your title, it doesn’t sound like you want rec’s in the SW suburbs if you’re considering Hampshire in the NW suburbs. Wheaton is a west suburb.

Do you want a trainer who goes to any certain level of shows?

@OTTBs thanks for the note - updated accordingly! I don’t plan on showing myself, so no, that doesn’t matter too much to me.