Hunter lessons in Portland, OR

dies anyone know of a solid lesson program for an adult rider near portland, or? i’ve reached out to so many places, but have gotten no responses. preferably near oregon city or on the east side. i’m an intermediate-advanced rider looking to start jumping higher. thanks!

Have you tried Quiet Rein or Kimberlinn Farm? Both have high quality programs. I know the trainers at QR were on vacation last week. PM if you want opinions or ideas on barns/programs. Been around a long time here in the Portland H/J scene.

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shelley campf at oz is also still a top trainer. right by oregon city.

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I am not from the area but do want to flag that the Campf name has come up on these forums quite a bit in regards to SafeSport allegations. I recommend searching.


Cornerstone farm may still have a lesson program

There are a large number of quality programs in the PDX area (and which side of PDX you live/work on will also determine which barns are going to work best). Your goals, experience and budget will also come into play. Right now, I think I’d avoid Oz due to SafeSport inquiries until those are ironed out. I’m also not sure the big ‘A’ show barns have a true lesson program. I’ve added some information on the PM you sent me. Good luck — we are a fun group of adults who show and ride in the area!

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thanks! i’ve reached out to them and they’re not taking any adult riders, they only have ponies available.

thank you, i’ll avoid!

Imagination Lane is probably the top H/J barn in Oregon now. They are lovely people and are really on top of their game.


i reached out, they don’t have lesson horses available unfortunately!

My first thought was also Quiet Rein, and you might also check with United Equine, Kelly Bowman’s program.

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