Hunter Shadbellies

I searched for this far and wide and did not find anything. So, when is it appropriate to wear a shadbelly for hunter and eq. Do you prefer a certain color for the two flaps that hang down in front (can’t remember the name) like canary, grey, blue,
etc. And do you prefer the main coat to always be black or do you like navy? Is piping on the collar and pockets fashionable or unprofessional? Thanks!

I’m no expert but I don’t think I have ever seen a shad worn in an eq class. In the old days (when I was young) I think they were worn in appointments classes if you had them, but they certainly weren’t a requirement and I might be wrong about seeing them in those classes. My memory is not what it used to be.

I do remember seeing them at the National Horse Show at MSG, usually the stake class was the last class before the championship was awarded in the hunter divisions and they were worn then. It made for a nice awards photo for the champion. There were no classics back then, I think that is where they are most often seen nowadays, and also at pony finals.

Are you referring to the vest points when you ask about the two flaps that hang down in front? I think in today’s world anything goes and black and navy both seem to be equally popular.

Today they are only appropriate for hunter derbys. The points should be canary, but other conservative colors are permitted. Technically to wear a shadbelly is not completely correct ( I don’t remember the reasons why, just ask over in the Hunting Forum), but today it is appropriate to wear them in a Derby. Today they are never worn in hunter or eq, neither are they appropriate for these classes due to their nature. I believe shadbellies can be worn in a handy class, but I may be incorrect on this.

Shadbellies are appropriate for hunter derbies, and for stakes classes at Devon and Indoors. Pony riders also may wear them for their over fences class at Pony Finals, as that is technically a stakes class. I guess you could wear them for classics at regular horse shows, but you won’t see that anywhere.

Black and navy are both appropriate, and you will see any variety of vest point colors. Piping on the collar has begun to appear more frequently, but usually only on custom shads (i.e. the Charles Ancona ones).

I’ve also seen shads worn for the second round of a classic at bigger shows.

The thingies in the front are called ‘points’. You can pretty much go with whatever color or pattern you want. I’ve made zillions of them and have sold a few. They’re super-easy to make if you’re handy with a sewing machine.

Patterns like this make really pretty points: