Hunters and Belly Guard Girths

Hey all! I just bought a beautiful CWD sheepskin belly guard girth and one of the girls I ride with mentioned that I can’t compete in the hunter ring with it? I tried looking it up and found nothing that alluded to that. If we can’t then I guess we are going to look very fashionable at home.

AFAIK, not illegal, but certainly nontraditional and “distracting,” if the white sheepskin shows.

I would think that it would look just the same as the other fuzzy girths unless you see the stud guard part hanging down a bit as your horse jumps.

A hunter should ideally be jumping in a form that in no way shape or form comes anywhere even remotely CLOSE to needing a belly guard girth. I certainly wouldn’t want to announce to the judge that my horse can jump over his front end so badly that I’m worried he’ll knick himself and I’ve chosen to show in an extra piece of equipment.


I second this (although I’ve seen horses that don’t jump over their front ends that need belly guards from tucking so tight). If your horse jumps in a style where s/he needs a belly guard, the hunter ring is probably not the best place for him/her or best use of your money when it comes to entry fees.