Hunters colored shirts making a comeback w new twist?

Are dark jewel tone color shirts making a comeback?

Noticed a few hunter riders in very dark color shirts blending with their hunt coats? Like navy with navy. Dark green with dark green. One was a $5,000 hunter classic winner.

It could be navy with white collar and cuffs with navy gaiter around neck?

Bye, bye only white…??

Anyone else noticed this recently?

Are you sure she didn’t neatly tuck her mask in for the photo? I see some white peaking through.

I have seen dark colored show shirt in the jumper ring, although they usually have a white collar. I also saw Essex classics advertising an all black shirt so a safety vest doesn’t stick out if you’re not wearing a jacket. I haven’t seen either in the hunter ring yet.

I think she’s wearing a dark neck gaiter. Wouldn’t mind seeing a little more color, though I was never much for making a fashion statement personally- my favorite shirt in the world is still my cream-colored ratcatcher with a peach windowpane.

I think one of the prettiest jacket/shirt combinations I have ever seen was one worn by a friend in the early 2000’s- a taupe hunt coat and a burgundy ratcatcher with a little shimmer.

It looks like the Callidae Hannah neck gaiter to me - the one with the white edge:

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Thanks for your input.

I think you are all probably right.

I was hoping it was some color on the shirts. Le Flash!!

Gaiters it is!!

Depending on the show and the class specs, a featured classic would usually require formal attire, specifically a white shirt. So I’m guessing it’s some sort of white shirt/colored gaiter combination.

My guess is a neck gaiter very neatly tucked in. The link in the OP was from the first day of the show, so not formal attire. Here’s a link to the horse’s photos from the show: what’s peeking out from her jacket on the second day is white but looks slightly rumpled so consistent with a gaiter, but hard to tell in low-res photos.

Edited for clarity- Assuming that’s a gaiter in the photos from the second day with the white shirt show, this shows consistency with nearly tucking them in.

Gaiter or colored shirt??

Thank you.

The reference is the second pic, a win photo, as per the prize cooler.

I just edited my post, which I assume you’re referring to (#newboardproblems) for clarity. I mentioned the white shirt/gaiter bc it showed a pattern of neatness. Photo and press release were from the first day of the show which ran a hunter classic; hence the fancy prize. Odd to run that on the first day perhaps, but I checked the schedule from the show.

I’ve been wearing colored shirts all along. Nothing crazy - pastels or subtle pin stripes or window panes. I don’t own a white shirt.

I’m an amateur. I can get away with it.


So funny - first time that I saw the photos of people with their gaiters pulled down, I thought, “Are dark colored chokers coming back?” Like a million years ago, where you bought them separately from your shirt. I’m waiting to rock that retro look, one of these days!