Hunting in the UK- near Arundel, West Sussex

I will be traveling with family to this area over the holidays and I am hoping to get a day or two of hunting in. I am curious as to whether anyone might have suggestions as to which nearby hunts might be the best to contact or know of any livery stables. Any and all suggestions are much appreciated!!!


Also, from my early research, a few of the hunts in the area are Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent, Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt, Surrey Union Hunt, Crawley and Horsham Hunt and the New Forest. So if anyone knows anything about those I would love to hear!



Thanks for the links. I have been looking at those sites and have figured out that the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt and Crawley and Horsham are in our neck of the woods. I haven’t been able to find out much on their reputation (other than they both have nice members) on the Horse and Hound Forums. I will keep looking! Thanks!

You might have good luck contacting the Master of each hunt-- I would guess that they should each have some web presence-- a website or Facebook page-- to find out about riding with the hunt as a guest, and what is required or expected.

You had also mentioned wanting information on “livery stables”-- just wanted to mention that in the UK “livery” refers to boarding, so if you ask someone in the UK about livery, they will think that you are asking about boarding facilities rather than being able to hire a horse (which is what I am guessing you were after).

Hope you are able to find something, it sounds fun!

Sunflower- thanks for the heads up on the livery stable meaning on the other side of the pond! That will make my life easier and make me not look like an idiot- thanks!

They each have a website and I have looked through those and will be contacting the masters this week. I was sort of hoping that someone on the forums might know something about the reputation of each since they both look like great fun!!

I think anywhere in Sussex is very much horse country-- hard to imagine you would go wrong with any of those hunts, or any hunt in the UK for that matter. Most of them have been around for a very long time, well-established traditions, strict adherence to standards, etc, so unlikely you would run into a dodgy hunt. I don’t hunt in the US and never have in the UK, but do know that in the horse world in the UK, what you wear, sticking to their traditional rules ( which can vary a great deal from that in the US) matters a lot. Whether the rules would be bent somewhat for a guest, I do not know.

I hope you find something-- it sounds very exciting!

Sunflower- Thanks for the info! I prefer tradition and will get in touch with the masters and find out exactly what the traditions of the particular hunt happen to be. I am happy to hear I will likely have a fantastic day of hunting at most hunts over there!

I think you will find that most British Hunts are not nearly as formal as folks here think they are.

Any UK hunt is a unique organisation, each of which has a history and tradition and a hard-working committee that is dedicated to maintaining their sport. Hunts therefore tend to be welcoming of visitors, proud to show off their hounds and country. Chose any off your list to contact. Approach the Hon Sec and explain what you are seeking to do. Be honest about your experience. The Hon Sec may be able to suggest the best day to go out, with fewer jumps or more, best viewing opportunities etc and how much the cap will be. They will possibly/probably be able to suggest where to find a hireling. Horse hire should be about £200-250 for a half day (as in home at about 2.30). The horse will know the country, be educated and should look after you. The hireling yard may well send someone out to escort you (and keep an eye on their horse). This can be a great opportunity to learn a huge amount about the hunt, the country, the local characters. UK hunts are very pragmatic about dress and particularly so for first-time visitors.So clean, neat and tidy should do the job. You could go out with more than one hunt! Have fun.

Willesdon, thanks for all of the information! I will certainly keep all of this in mind! I will be contacting the hunts this week. I promise to post a full report!


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