Hunting Near Denver, CO?


I’ve recently moved to the Denver, CO area. I’m in my early 30’s, grew up in Pony Club and competing in eventing, as well as restarting OTTBs and giving beginner riding lessons. I’ve been taking a bit of a riding hiatus in 2021 after selling my horse before moving, but the itch is back and I’d love to get involved in the Colorado equestrian community. I’m especially interested in trying out foxhunting!

My ideal situation is to find an eventing (or hunter/jumper) barn to take lessons at (and possibly lease a mount) for the next year or so, make sure hunting is for me, then buy my own horse next fall (and compete in low level eventing in the summer). I no longer have a trailer, so if I could find a barn with members active in the Arapahoe or Bijou Springs hunts, that would be amazing!

TL;DR: Looking for foxhunting connections in the Denver, CO area (within an hour preferably), and any suggestions on boarding barns and lesson program w/ lesson horses or leasing opportunities would be awesome!



This is the closet Hunt to Denver. They might be able to help you find a barn that works out for you and your horse.