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Huntsvilla, Alabama dressage barns and trainers

Good day
I am relocating in the next 45 days to Huntsville (for work) and am looking for feedback on the dressage scene down there as well as barns and trainers. I;m heading down there in early May to do house and barn hunting so want to come well educated. I have spoken already with both Debbie Hill and Debi Crowley so will go meet with them. I’m a typical middle aged AA riding at Training/1st level with my young Danish Knabstrupper (warmblood) who wants a safe, clean and positive environment for her to live and me to enjoy and learn during my time there. We also enjoy hacking out on trails and outside the arena so a field and/or trails in which to work are also desired.
I also want to find a barn for my older, retired horse who needs special care (such as fed 3-4x a day in a stress free environment). Any leads folks can provide are most appreciated. Feel free to PM me if you wish as I will check back frequently. Thank you!!!

Debbie is lovely and can help guide your quest. Best wishes

PM sent.