Suzanne, I see you have a hyperbike. Do you do CD’s? If so, have you had any problem with the judges and TD’s in dressage? It is not exactly a traditional vehicle. :slight_smile: Also, do you know of anyone who has done Prelim with the airless tires? I am wondering if they are legal for Prelim. Anyone else on the list have any experience with these vehicles and CD’s. There is a new small pony division in ADS that says 120 cm and smaller does not have to carry a navigator. This might be a neat vehicle for all 3 phases if it is legal. Thanks.

There is a large mini in my town that is the spitting image of my heart horse, including his markings, that I had a fleeting thought about inquiring about just for the sheer novelty. The hyperbike makes the ideal that much more tempting! :lol: How much fun to go whizzing along with a game little horse!

49’er, I have yet to do a CDE since getting my HyperBike, but I know several who have competed with them.

Leia Gibson, of cde4vse.com, competes at preliminary, but uses her Bike only for marathon. She’s had no problems with the powers that be, and, in fact, Maureen Harkcom, formerly of Happs, is a huge proponent of the HyperBike.

Cheryl Nunez, of New Mexico, I believe, is a former dressage rider who uses her HyperBike in all three phases – and has done very well. I don’t know her email offhand, but if you are on Facebook, join the HyperBike group and talk with Cheryl, Leia, Bob Graham, and a whole bevy of 'Bikers.

Hi there!

It’s been a long time since I checked COTH and here I am mentioned in a thread. :lol: Yes, I used my Hyperbike with the airless tires at Preliminary for several years and the wheels were repeatedly declared legal (with the backing of Hardy Zantke, I believe.) They aren’t pneumatic, they have solid rubber rims and they aren’t wire-spoked so they are legal.

I don’t choose to use my Hyperbike for dressage or cones as I typically show at full 3-day CDE’s with standing presentation and prefer a more formal vehicle for that. It isn’t all that easy to do good dressage in a Hyperbike (quite possible, but not easy!) as you’re using a much shorter whip and your position makes it harder to use your core and your elbows properly at slow speeds. The Hyperbike is a high-performance vehicle which excels the faster and harder you push it…it’s not built for walking! :smiley: Also, I want the judge looking at my horse and how he’s using his hindquarters and being in the Hyperbike means my legs are up along his sides and obscuring that view.

For ADT’s or other more informal events I will sometimes use it however as it’s easier than switching vehicles and it IS fun to run cones in the thing. Wheee!!!

I believe Cheryl attends more ADT/scurry/darby/2-day type events where aprons may not be required and thus uses it comfortably for all three phases. She’s mentioned that she sets the stirrups further back and down for dressage so the judge can see her horse better.

I love my Hyperbike and wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s the best for marathon, beach drives, hilly country, winter driving…anything fast or dirty.


It is a great vehicle and lots of fun. The fact of the position of the driver may be a problem for some who have health concerns or lack in flexibility.

Do they make HyperBikes only for mini’s?

They can fit ponies up to 44 inches.

Broff, You’re correct that it may not work for some, but I think of myself as the poster child for gimpy drivers – bad back and legs – yet I have no problem with it. I’d recommend trying one out and judging for yourself.