So due to Tamoxifen causing uterine fibroids, polyps and thickening and being 55 and still not officially in menopause I’m having a hysterectomy hopefully in November! I know it will be 6 weeks off riding but how much core weakness can I expect?

I have another ultrasound tomorrow to make sure there’s no more changes, so hopefully it’ll be a straight robotic non abdominal opening! But, I’m assuming it will be harder to get my strength back than it was than after my mastectomy as that didn’t affect my abdomen at all…. Am I correct in this thinking? Any and all advice is welcome! I’ve had hot flashes ever since starting Tamoxifen (so chemical menopause but after 1.5 yrs period free it came back like a murder scene…. Sigh and my hormones are showing my ovaries are trying hard to work! ) so hoping they will stay about the same!

No experience or advice but sending you all the jungles and I hope it goes smoothly! As another tamoxifen-taker, this is on my radar.

ETA: keeping the typo or autocorrect of jingles —> jungles because a two-week excursion into a remote jungle sounds AWESOME


Maybe it is because I did not have much core strength to start with, but I did not find getting back to life after my six week wait to be overly difficult.
Mine was done laparoscopically.


I was 11 years younger than you when I had mine and it was a vaginal so no incision.

I don’t see how it affected my core strength much and I was fit before my procedure so I got right back at it asap.

ETA: Post- Op Fatigue was my biggest issue but that is common after having something like that I assume? I tired easily for a few weeks.

Good luck. I’ve never regretted having that part of life gone!

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Not a hysterectomy but maybe relevant? I had my appendix removed laparoscopic-ly through my abdomen and felt I lost a lot (all?) of my core strength. Not necessarily due to the surgery but due to not doing PT (it wasn’t prescribed/ advised at all) so not relearning to use my core after not using it for a few weeks due to the trauma. The surgery was not bad - the first few days were a little tough but I was in college dealing with climbing in and out of a loft bed and walking to the cafe for every meal which sucked. Again, not sure if that’s helpful! But, IMO, if you are having it done through your abdomen I would do PT when the Dr says it’s okay (if it fits into the budget, as I know it can be expensive depending on insurance).

All I can say is that I am so jealous!!

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