I am having trouble finding an old post from May 2020

I’m still not very good at finding my way around the features on this new format.

I am trying to find a thread I started back on or after May 17, 2020.

It was asking for jingles for my kitty. Believe it was in the Menagerie forum.

Even tried the advanced search.

Can you help finding it?

There have been some missing threads. Maybe your thread is part of that group.

Do you remember what your thread title was (or paraphrase)? There have been a few reports of threads folks have looked for and have been MIA, so I’m reporting those to the developers so we can research and see if some were mistakenly not imported for some reason.


I think this is it, courtesy of wayback :slight_smile:


(Full title when this was scanned was “I have never asked for jingles; we need some now please Update post 23”)

Not turning it up here, either!

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Yes, Simkie found the title. That is the one I am looking for.

Thanks very much Simkie to taking the time to try to find it for me.

Oh, I thought I would mention that I had a picture of my kitty in that thread. Might be helpful to know if the other threads that didn’t get moved over to the new site also had a picture in it.