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I am having trouble retrieving pms

They show up on my avatar, but I cannot seem to get them, it goes over to the replies for posts. I now there is one or two waiting for me, but I cannot seem to get them. Can you help?

Can you not access your message inbox?


no, I cannot. I had this happen a couple of weeks ago. I don’t send many pms. When I receive one, there is a notice on the upper left of my avatar, in a slightly darker shade of green. I am getting those, but it directs me to my regular notices about posts. I don’t know if I am making it clear, but the PMs are disappearing. I cannot seem to find them even clicking all around the avatar. It is just weird. I have sent them in the past with no trouble.

Could it be that the person who sent you the PM removed you from the PM?

Made up example of what I am trying to say -
If I send you (general) a PM, if I go back into that PM and remove you from the conversation you will no longer be able to see the conversation. You will still have the notification.

I don’t think so. Both were just friendly notes, that was TMI to put on the bulletin board. Probably too much for a PM too! Just now, when I posted the above, it wouldn’t go through at first, it said error. Then, it went through. Then I was back to the boards, and when I was just sitting there, not posting, I got an error! It is just weird.

The whole forum has been being grumpy for me tonight too. Lots of spinning and errors.

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