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I am so tired of whiny, rich horse [people] complaining about WEG

Really, people? Folks are DYING in the Carolinas from Hurricane Florence, and you are bitching because you were inconvenienced? Get over yourselves.

You quoted my post before as one you said it was too difficult to reschedule flights. I think you are being a bit too defensive. I have been on here defending the XC course design, the decision to reschedule Eventing jumping, the difficulty of replacing footing in the indoor, and over and over the challenges the venue faced trying to pull this off in 2 years.

the Eventers seem to have been able to reschedule or delay their departures. After the FEI Endurance fiasco, it is not outside the realm of reasonableness to think FEI has been influenced by Chefs happy where the current Individual rankings are.

for what it is worth, my mom lives on a NC barrier island and didn’t leave so i have had plenty of other stress in my life this week. I am not inconvenienced at all as I am not at WEG, I am home manning my farm, caring for my kids, rehabbing my filly who had colic surgery, and praying for my mom’s safety. It is not wrong to ask questions why the Freestyle can’t run.


Yikes! @fordtraktor you don’t need to defend yourself.


By that logic, people shouldn’t complain and ask for redress when they are served food that they paid for, that was the wrong order, or stone-cold, or took forever, or was just poor quality for the price. Because there are people who can’t afford to eat healthy food, or are outright starving, or are fed via a tube, or choke to death. They should just get over themselves and eat the wrong, cold, slop they were served, and pay a fortune for it with a smile on their face.


Well I don’t agree with your approach but I agree with your point. Did Bellissimo over promise? Yes. Is it the total disaster people are making it out to be? Nope, sorry, not really (well the grooms quarters but that has since been remedied). Spectator wise,yea the first couple of days had some growing pains and learning curves, but they are pulling it together as the days go on. More shuttles added, food seems to not be a problem , etc.

Reading some of the doom and gloom comments about the cross country course before it ran, and now reading the comments after, it seems like some people were hoping for disaster and are upset that there WASN’T more carnage today and that it actually ran very smoothly. Very hard for some to admit that the cross country course was fully ready and held up nicely I guess.

Endurance fiasco was purely political and the FEI is the one that should be shamed for being so obviously corrupt, though I don’t understand why people who have been following horse sports are shocked by their actions. I don’t know about dressage, but as said above, not out of the realm of possibilities for something other than weather being the motivation behind that move.

I would feel comfortable with WEG 2022 being at Tryon. They will have four years to complete the facility and they will have this years experience to build on and grow from.


@AffirmedHope I didn’t read any posts that suggested the person was disappointed it was not a disaster. I think people were pleasantly surprised the footing held and that the course didn’t result in any catastrophic injuries to horse or rider considering the designer.

I do think the OP is a little touchy on the subject. I’m sitting at home watching the news thanking god the storm did not come closer to VA. Does that make me a bad person?

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It’s possible that the combined training horses had later flights out than the dressage horses to give them time to recover prior to flying. It’s also possible that since the Spartanburg airport was pressed into service to land international equine flights that they don’t normally do, their schedule cannot be changed due to FAA restrictions. We don’t know the behind the scenes issues and no one is required to tell us. We have to believe what they have given out as reasons for not moving the freestyle. In the order of real world issues, this is so far down the list that it doesn’t even register as a blip on anyone’s horizon except the fee who are privileged to work with these wonderful animals at the international level. Let’s just keep an eye on the real issues the world is facing at this point.


What? People are complaining about horse stuff on a (currently) HORSE topics only forum? Whodda thunk it?


thank you. The reason I feel like I do is that OP singled my post out to quote and then shortly complains of “rich, whiny horse bitches” which is so far from the truth it is laughable. I wish I was rich, I would be at WEG and have the inside connections s/he has claimed all week! I know no one in a position of power at Tryon or FEI. I do know many people affected by Flo, though.

many horses flew in through Miami. My childhood trainer (worked my lessons off and as a groom) trailered some of them.


If he/she wasn’t crabbing about this, it would be about how we all are mean for criticizing Bellissimo. Not worth the effort.


yep. I think he has done a pretty awesome job everything considered but I still don’t think cancelling the Freestyle makes sense. Wonder how many would stay if they decided to hold it. I bet everyone in contention!

the XC footing held up great and that can’t have been easy or cheap, as a person who has reseeded many fields…


I’m wondering, how do you know that the people who are complaining (that you are complaining about) are “rich”?
I’m sure that there are many people who saved their money for quite some time in order to attend.

I haven’t really seen any posts that seem outrageous. I’ve seen some expressions of disappointment but nothing over the top. I admit I haven’t read every thread.


I agree as far as the competition. Really dropped the ball on the tents and pods thing for the grooms and colors my perception a bit right or wrong. I’m a bit perplexed about the flight situation myself and it sounds suspicious to me.

@skydy we ride horses!!! Of course we are rich:rolleyes: Duh!:lol: Wait I stayed home, does that mean I’m poor?


I don’t know, I think many of those horses are not used to the heat and humidity. I can’t blame the riders for not wanting to ride and ship on the same day, even if the weather cools off. The heat may have really made it difficult for some of them to bounce back.

It sounds as if everyone tried very hard to find a solution.

The weather certainly is a complication. I hope that flooding doesn’t damage the roadways as it has in many locations.
There are many factors regarding the weather that could come in to play and disrupt air travel, not just the forecast on the day.


Well I was thinking more the ability to push the flights rather than same day flights.

I think the footing is also an issue? They are going to have a lot of rain and they can’t have the dressage on the indoor reining footing.

Wait. Aren’t the eventers supposed to use the same footing as the dressage freestyle for their show jumping? I was under the impression that a Monday competition was supposed to be in the big outdoor arena.

There are thirteen dressage horses who are supposed to ship Sunday or Monday. Let them go and have the competition without them if they leave.

Sounds to me as if the dressage people are being the whiny, rich people.


Sorry, I was not directing my post at you specifically. And prayers for your mom and your filly.

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Please go to the FEI web site and read the bid package for those wishing to host the WEG. The specifications and standards are lengthy and very specific. WEG2018 did not meet way too many of those specifications and standards.
Just my opinion, But WEG2018 is the biggest embarrassment ever to American Horse Sport.