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I am trying to find a good home water filter/treatment system, but there are so many choices! Do you have any recommendations?

I am trying to find a good home water filter/treatment system, but there are so many choices! Do you have any recommendations?

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What are you trying to accomplish ? Taste, drinking water ? mineral deposits ? water softener ? What your source ? City or well ? Different goals = different water systems.

For drinking water & ice maker, I use a reverse osmosis system. Water that is almost equal to distilled in purity.

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I LUV my Kinetico system.
My well water is high in iron & since installing it, no more rust stained toilets, sinks & water tastes better.
Low maintenance with annual filter changes & 40# salt added monthly to top off the tank (full w/60#).

I’d like to add reverse osmosis too, just have not gotten around to that.

Have your water tested yourself before you even start to look at filtering systems. You need to know what your filtering to know what kind of system to look at. I have hard water, ie water with a lot of solids so I have a regular whole house filter the 1st thing off my well and before my water softener. I use the rust buster salt and the resin cleaning salt that I get from TSC for the longevity of my softener unit. The softener is set up to regenerate in the middle of the night based on gallons used and of course it regenerates more during the summer than the cooler times of the year so you use more salt during the summer. This set up gives me water that I will drink out of the hose on hot summer days. Be wary of all water filter system sales pitches as most of them are just that…pitches to get you to buy something you don’t need or will not work on a farm.

We had a kinetico system in MN, including the RO unit, and I’ll second 2dogs recommendation. It was easy to manage/maintain, did what it was supposed to and the water tasted great. We had a softener with salt, a rust remover thing and the RO unit. NO clue how much it cost as it was there when we moved in, but would certainly consider putting it all in again if we needed that sort of filtration. We’d actually planned on it here, but the water tastes great with very little debris right out of the well–we just don’t need anything more than a basic sediment filter.

Looking at the site, we had the signature series. I think our iron thing was the backwashing filter. The RO unit was the compact thing, the AquaKinetic.

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We have a Kinetico system too- going on 7 years now and happy with it. We have R/O in addition to the other stuff. Maintenance is easy, water tastes great. Did have a few small problems that were resolved by the company.