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I asked Alexa for a Chihuahua joke

and here it is:

Why did the Chihuahua bark at the stranger?
It needed a break from barking at the lamppost.

Spot on, I’d say!

Ask for one about your dog’s breed and see if she has one.


From Siri.

Every time the doorbell rings, my dog runs and stands in a corner.

He’s a boxer.


From random internet search …

Why do Labrador Retriever farts smell?

For the benefit of the people who are hearing impaired!

[ok that was kind of terrible … lol ]

All food must go … to the lab for testing.

Can’t read a clock … always knows when it’s dinnertime.

I’m hungry! I haven’t had a snack in 5 minutes!

Labradors shed 3 times a year, for 6 months in the spring and 6 months in the fall.


I told this joke to the vet this morning and he has a Chihuaua, he laughed and laughed!!