I blocked someone but sadly, I still see their posts

I blocked my very first person only to find it didn’t stick. Did I do it wrong?

I just went and looked at my profile and now I don’t see where is shows people that are blocked . It was there and now it’s not.

did you hit “save changes” at the very bottom?

So when I click on my name and then “preferences” there used to be a line where you could block someone but now when I pull up preferences , that line isn’t there.

under Preferences… so you do not have a selection of Users?

Software gods hate you

@CindyCRNA I checked and you should still see these options. When you go to Preferences, click “Users” from the menu on the left. I see that you have one user Muted, but nobody Ignored.

Muting suppresses notifications and PMs from a user; Ignore also blocks their posts – so, I think you’re looking to Ignore, not Mute, that user.

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Another way to block without navigating your user preferences is through the profile of the user you’d like to block. As long as they’ve not set their profile to private, you can click on their avatar to pull up the user card, then the username to go to their profile. From there, click on the box that says “normal” and change that to “ignore.”

If they’ve set the profile to private, you’re out of luck and have to ignore them from your preferences, but the above is a little easier and worth checking :slight_smile:


I missed a step. Thank you!


Tell me, what should they have done differently?

They posted a link to learning material before they ever transferred us over to here so anyone who wanted to learn could have.
The fact that someone missed a step in using a feature we did not even have on the old forum (because it did not work there at all) does not scream that the new forum is too difficult for people to learn to use.

Having more features = having to learn new stuff.

I also strongly feel that if I can figure it out, pretty much anyone can. I am very computer challenged.