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I can't watch people's videos

Why can’t I watch the videos people upload? I can watch YouTube videos, Prime videos, and other videos on other sites. But I can’t watch the videos people upload here. I have a brand new Android phone, and a Chromebook, and COTH is the only place that doesn’t load the videos.

I hate sitting here watching the circle go round and round and reading other people’s comments while the videos will not load for me.

What app/method are you all using to post these videos that won’t load on either of my devices?

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For what it’s worth, I’m on both browser (Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10) and mobile on an iPhone 13 and there are times I can’t load videos either. I even tried to swap between devices with no luck. Some videos just won’t load in a post while others do.

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Me too, can’t load most of those seemingly private videos in a white and light grey background.
Have not since this new system started.

I was thinking, my laptop is getting old and won’t play some new technology? :thinking:

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Came here to ask the same thing - I’m on a new iPhone and I can’t get videos to play either. They load up and act like they are playing but at most I’m lucky if I get one frame jump and usually I just am stuck on the first frame of the video as it plays to the end. So frustrating.