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…that we could have Chronicle-quality coverage of the reining.

I was sorry to see the absence in the WEG preview issue (I think there was some coverage last time??). Might there be results in the post-WEG issue? I realize it isn’t an area of expertise for the Chron writers, and that reining isn’t one of the traditional COTH disciplines, and I completely understand the reasons. But the Chron coverage is always so good, I just wish …

Edited to say “thanks!” for the reining coverage both here and in the Chron. I do like the way that Chron coverage articles are constructed and the info that they always include; this one was no exception, even if it isn’t one of “the” disciplines. Muchly appreciated!!

We will be covering the reining at the WEG online, with stories and photos, and in the magazine just the same. The coverage might not be as in-depth as our usual fare in the Olympic disciplines, but please remember that wee don’t cover reining except at the WEG… and so we don’t know the riders and horses at all, unlike the other sports. Hence, we don’t have the ability to really pull off a great preview in the WEG preview issue. Reining is on our agenda in Aachen, however! So check in and see…

Oh, goodie! Thanks for the reply, Molly–I’ll still look forward to the COTH coverage being complete, accurate and detailed, even though it’s kind of a special task.

Thanks for the usual great coverage in the Chron, and for including the reining! Very complete article!