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I don’t know what to do with this dog

What do you do when you foster a dog, temporarily, to help someone out, but now you seem to be stuck with her?

We rescued a dog out of a bad place, with intention of giving her some skills and finding her a permanent home. Well she has the skills, she is such a good dog, smart, funny, responsive…BUT, not now, never was a long term fit for us. My small dog hates her, and after 5 months isn’t about to change, she’s causing strife in the house for all sorts of reasons. She’s just a big bouncy 11 month old puppy, that nobody wants. I really can’t keep her, but the rescues around here are all full, advertising her has brought little response, and what it did bring was ridiculous. I can’t afford to keep her, can’t give her away, what the heck do I do?

are there any rescues around? How about the Petsmart on line stuff? I have gotten two dogs from there.

They are all full, it was even on the news last night that the biggest of them are dropping the adoption fees to try and move some dogs, and cats, on.

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You are a kind and generous person to help this puppy.

I googled “rehoming a dog” and a few different sites came up. Perhaps reach out to local dog clubs, vet’s offices, a rescue that can at least help place her while you continue to foster.

But, just make sure you properly own the dog before you rehome it. Is there a bill of sale or some thing showing you own the dog?

What kind of dog is it? Perhaps a CoTHer would be interested in taking the pup. Who ever gets the pup will be lucky with the training and effort you have already put in… can I give you my 4 month old to work on? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is she a specific breed or more a Heinz 57? Most breeds have their own rehoming groups and may even help out with some transportation costs as needed. I am an English Shepherd person, and even dogs that can’t be confirmed full English Shepherds are welcome on the “English Sheperd-y type” group, and more broadly in groups rehoming herding type dogs. If you find her niche, maybe that will help get this moving.

Have you talked to any of the shelters or rescues about them putting this dog on their available list while you continue to foster it?

This might help it find a home more quickly.


She’s full on Mutt, originally off the reservation, husky, or similar type

Good idea

Can you post a couple photos? And a nice little
description of her and what she knows?
Plus your general location.
There are some volunteer groups who transport rescued dogs for free or close to free.

Second this. If you can get a rescue to post her on Petfinder you’ll reach a much wider pool. I had a stray friendly cat that was tormenting my cats and needed to be a single cat. A rescue posted her on petfinder for me and she had a wonderful home in a week. She did pay an “adoption” fee per my request to the rescue.


Craigslist? FB market place? I’ve found great dogs on both sites.

Did you foster through an organization? And they can’t take her back?

No, it’s private, been stretching my net wider and wider, no one has any space, she’s on the wait list at some places, others have added her as a courtesy posting. It’s so frustrating.

Been trying both those for months, and what replies we get are mainly time wasters. I thought I had a real person the other day, everything sounded good until I asked for a phone number, then they blocked me.

It’s funny that I used to get frustrated when rescues wanted to ensure I had a fenced yard, now I won’t send her to a place without one.


Sorry, I don’t have any answers. I was in nearly the exact same situation about a year ago, and not ONE of the dozens of rescues I contacted ever got back to me. We ended up keeping the dog, and he and my other dog (who can’t stand him) live life completely separate.


Same. I found a beautiful dog on the side of the road eight years ago and spayed her and vaccinated her and tried to find her a home. She was extremely aggressive towards my other female dogs, but she loved my male dog. I never did find her a home I tried rescues… On Facebook… Word-of-mouth nothing. So I kept her and she lives with my male dog completely separate from my female dogs. It’s been a work in progress. But I just couldn’t do anything else.


I adopted my current dog through a website called “Get Your Pet”; maybe try listing there?

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Have you heard of Pilots N Paws https://www.pilotsnpaws.org/? They use volunteer pilots to fly dogs all over the country. Maybe you can find a rescue (or a person!) in another area that wants her? I know all of the rescues and shelters are pretty full right now but that at least gives you some options.