I just want to be healthy. (Vent)

Sorry for the pity party but I’m exhausted.

So for one is it 2023 yet? Second I’m also scared
Since July of this year I’ve had a biopsy, covid, tooth infection, 3 pnemounia, RSV, and started feeling sick Christmas Eve, I now have the flu!

Also been in the hospital 3 times.

I’m scared and I’m exhausted.


You’ve had a rough time.

Without knowing your beliefs, are you vaccinated against those that have vaccines? Are you in high risk of exposure situations?

Some things can’t be avoided. Others, you can try your best to mitigate your risk.

I’m older, and have auto immune issues. I get every darn vaccine offered. Knock wood, I haven’t got any nasty bugs. Much more conscious about sanitizing every thing, not touching stuff in public, etc


Yes I’m triple vaxed for covid, and got my flu shot

I’m mostly a homebody but unfortunately most of this was brought up by family working and then coming home

As someone with chronic illness I’ve always been conscious of risks


Damn, that’s a lot in general, let alone in 6 months :frowning:

I don’t know what your chronic illness is, but I’ll ask the obvious question - are you eating/supplementing/etc appropriately? I know those aren’t magic cures, only that they can help mitigate risks.

My 84yo Dad has been vac’d for COVID every boost that has been available to him, and flu vac’d, and still got both, including Type A flu.

I think more people are getting sick (and maybe sickER) in this last year because of how isolated many were since the start of COVID, bodies just haven’t been exposed to bugs that have kept immune systems in higher alert

It’s extra hard when household members are going out and about and bringing stuff home :frowning:


Yes I am, I have cystic fibrosis and blood sugar issues

I’m sorry for your family members that got sick
I’m wondering if that’s part of it, first year I wasn’t masked since 2020


I’m so sorry Countrygirl18. That is ALOT to have dealt with. It’s so true that feeling good and healthy is everything. Is it possible to boost your immunity and get you feeling more energy or better?

Is there anything you passionately enjoy that you can read or watch while you’re recovering?

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Not really besides resting

I got myself into all the Christmas stuff!

I got one cold this fall (my first since 2019) and immediately went back to masking in public indoors. Obviously nothing compared to your recent struggles but there’d be nothing wrong with a return to masking.


I hope you feel better and 2023 is a better year for you. Take care!

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Thank you

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