I need a equine Radiologist to read my Xrays as a 3rd party before starting tildren

I have been diagnosed with left fore foot navicular sagital ridge osteoporosis, with a cyst present the size of a nickel. I asked a local vet to administer the Tildren. After reviewing the xrays with 2 of his colleagues they both agreed that there is no reference of a cyst to treat. I need an outside party Specifically a Equine Radiologist to read my xrays. Anyone know of someone?

Are you a horse or a person? New Bolton has reviewed xrays at my vet’s request free of charge before. Assuming this is a horse we are talking about.

1/2 horse other half person. lol Thanks Where is New Bolton? Do you have a website you can refer me too…

Found it thanks :slight_smile:

Since OP wrote “left fore foot” I’d be willing to lay odds that its the horse - lol. Lower odds that OP is a centaur…

Ok, but they said I have been diagnosed and I need someone to read my xrays. So either they REALLY identify closely with their horse or are trying to get cheaper healthcare than at the human hospital.

Another user that posts 1st person as her horse, I think. I don’t understand why people do that, but this is not the first person to do so.

Even if there is no cyst, Tildren might help the navicular. We have done regional perfusions of Tildren with our navicular horse, even though he has normal x rays. It seemed to help. Injecting the Tildren in the leg is cheaper and may have fewer side effects than giving big doses IV. You may want to do it no matter what the x rays show.