Hi everyone! I am in need of boarding for my one horse in beaufort Sc. He is a total easy keeper, my budget is not! I would love to keep him at a small family farm but I can’t find anyone, would like to stay under 400 for stall board and I would be willing to work!! I don’t need the stall until January 2016 but I need to check out the barn before having my baby shipped in! I hope I can find something!

Still need help!

I’m not familiar with the area, but was looking online.

This is about 45 minutes away (according to Google Maps) and a little over budget but you could always ask about working board off: http://www.localhorse.com/Directory/South-Carolina/Horse-Boarding/Low-Country-Riding-Academy-Bluffton-SC-30020.htm

I think your best resource would be to call tack and feed stores in that area, or to join a South Carolina Horse group on Facebook (often folks will advertise smaller boarding facilities on Facebook).

Good luck!

Dang, I so wish I was already moved there. I would love to find a gelding buddy for my horse, but my arrival date will probably be spring or later.

(My place is in Ridgeland, less than 1/2 hour from Beaufort)

You might check with True Bearing Equestrian (St. Helena Island). I don’t know if she has any openings, but you might check. Not a big or fancy place, but has ring, jumps, trails (beach riding!) and good care at a normal middle-class budget rate.


Finding stall board for under $400 will be nearly impossible in the area. I’m from Hilton Head but I know of several barns in Beaufort. My best friend’s mom own and runs this place. It’s nice but not budget breaking. Good care and nice facilities. They’re one of the few barns in the area that offers pasture boarding as well.