I NEED help!! Need boarding in South Carolina!

Hi everyone! I am in need of boarding for my one horse in beaufort Sc. He is a total easy keeper, my budget is not! I would love to keep him at a small family farm but I can’t find anyone, would like to stay under 400 for stall board and I would be willing to work!! I don’t need the stall until January 2016 but I need to check out the barn before having my baby shipped in! I hope I can find something!

Hi, I’m 99% sure that this is where I boarded when I lived in Beaufort 20 years ago. The name has changed - so the people might be new - but it was a lovely place when I was there and it looks like it still is. If it is, it’s set in the middle of a plantation that had been turned into a subdivision – with tons of sand roads for trail rides and access to the beach. My horse and I used to jump the hedges at the original plantation house. Anyways, good luck!!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/True-Bearing-Equestrian-LLC/144537022409560

I still need help!

What part of SC, like where is Beaufort in relation to the larger towns there or just across the boarder in neighboring states?

How far are you willing to drive?

Are you there for school or are you relocating for career reasons???

Beaufort is not near anything lol. I had a barn there for 8 years. Lovely little town, but not a lot going on horse wise. Also I could not offer board there for less than 650 due to hay and bedding prices.
There are a few places though, just not sure you will find your price point. I will ask the lady from whom I rented my property (she no longer does boarding, although she might take on someone who will work)

Honestly, you may be out of luck for that price range. I board in Bluffton, and the board at many places is almost triple what you’re asking for. Seeing as the only barns in the area are higher end, and the hay and bedding prices around here are astronomical, $400 isn’t seen. Of all the places I looked, it was at least $800.
If you’re willing to drive, look into Richmond Hill, GA.
It’s about 40 minutes from Beaufort and is a bigger horse country.

If you’re willing to pay a bigger price, Rose Dhu, Swamp Fox, and other barns within subdivisions may be your best choice.