I need help picking the perfect bit.

Hello! So I have been on a bit hunt for a while and I can’t seem to find the right bit so now I am finally here to get some of your opinions to hopefully end my search! So my horse can be a bit strong when I am riding and get in his face. So recently I have been riding with very little contact and he has been going pretty well. But my trainer wants me to start riding with more contact, as I said before he gets strong and quick when I have contact on the reins. I ride him in a Mullen mouth Pelham with rein converters and I am looking for something different and hopefully softer so I can have contact and also get him into frame. He used to be ridden in a fullcheek double twisted wire before I got him. And another girl I am friends with rides him with a Pelham snaffle and we both share the same issue. I want to find the perfect bit so he is comfortable and we both can enjoy our ride.