I still can’t understand hemangiosarcoma

Sorry just random thoughts here.
I lost my boy Panda on April 5th of this year to that awful disease at only just barely 8 years old:

I still can’t wrap my head around it. How the day before we are going for a run and taking a car ride that he was so excited for he nearly pulled me down the stairs.
To the next day watching him go from jumping and playing to so weak he can’t even walk and then gone in 6 hours.
I don’t understand how I can almost drain my bank account and have an entire ER staff working on him and still not save him.

It’s not fair. I miss Panda terribly.


I’m so so sorry. It’s a terrible disease - lost three dogs to it. Dogs seem to be very prone to cancer. That one is not as painful as some cancers are. I’m glad you had so much good time with him.

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So sorry about the loss of your dog. It is tough to loose any pet but to have one go so suddenly can be heartbreaking.

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Hugs. Panda was well and truly loved. I hope time softens the sharp edges of your grief and all your warm memories bring you some solace.

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Sorry for your loss too. I do take comfort in the fact that until those last few hours he was happy and loving life


I’m sorry about your beloved dog. I love his sweet expression. RIP good dog.


I am sorry. Sometimes there is no answers.

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Thanks everyone. Just needed to share my thoughts. I appreciate it

It is a devastating disease. I lost two dogs to it, both German Shepherds.

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I’m so sorry. Panda was a Rottweiler/lab

I lost my heart dog (shep/coonhound) to it - lucky for me he was close to 14 before it hit him, and it crept up on us and when I got a diagnosis the vet said that some prednisone might buy me some time to get my head and heart around it. Maybe 90 days. It was almost exactly 90 days when he stopped eating and I let him go. Still makes me teary, 15 years later; a special boy.


I’m sorry for your loss. He’s beautiful