Ice cold bottom - poor circulation?

Does anyone else seem to have poor circulation in their hips and bottom? It seems that no matter what I’m wearing my hips and bottom will be ice cold to the touch if it’s under 60 degrees outside. I usually ride in fleece tights, sometimes with another fleece layer under my riding tights, and still you can feel the cold radiating from my lower half when I get home from the barn. Yesterday I tried riding in fleece tights and snow pants for the first time and while there was an improvement, my hips still were not normal skin temperature afterwards. Ugh!

I consider myself lucky because I’m not actually sore or very uncomfortable while I ride but I do wonder if there’s a solution to prevent me from having ice cold buns for the next few months. Does anyone else have this same issue?

I do, and I don’t even notice it.

I’ll be interested if this is actually a problem. I just assumed that my fatty floof layer in those areas was providing the insulating lol.


Also in the icy bottom club! It’s great fun to stick that ice cube on the other half when I get home from the barn… Nothing seems to help it, I’m either icy or sweating, there is no in between for me. Occasionally I do sit on a heating pad when I get home just to speed up the thaw out.

My cold bottom is smarting as I type this.

I ride in snowpants too; bonus if you fall off in the snow.

To warm up, i hit the liquor cabinet.

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I think it’s pretty normal for women since we tend to have more fat over our hips/glutes. This explains it better than I can:

Why does my butt stay cold during a run?

Yet it seems few runners talk about your other cheeks-the ones on your behind.

So, we wanted to find out, first, why they get so darn cold (when your glutes are such a powerhouse muscle covered in what we’d think to be insulating fat) and, second, what we can do about it. “Though there is typically a significant layer of fat over the glutes, fat is inactive tissue that does not generate heat,” explains Polly de Mille, Exercise Physiologist at Hospital for Special Surgery. “Fat also has very few blood vessels in it, so while you’re running, circulation to your muscles increases but not to your fat-that tissue would actually cool down when exposed to the cold.”

I haven’t ridden horses in cold weather in a while, but I do snowmobile. I found that I’d be fine when out riding but if we’d stop for a break I would get super cold even when sitting inside due to my icicle buns. :smile:

I wound up buying some heated long underwear with a glute heat zone to help prevent it.

At home during the winter I keep an electric throw on my spot on the couch for when I’m outside for an extended period of time and my butt freezes - I wrap myself up to thaw out.

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They do sell heated saddle cushions. They have a rechargeable battery. I just saw one on eBay.

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