Ichon (generic Adequan) dosage

I am using ICHON for the first time on my mare and am in need of dosing suggestions as my vet does not use generics and isnt 100% sure if dosing with ICHON is the same as Adequan dosing.
I should say my mare is not having any problems and I am doing this as a preventative (she’s 15 and going 2nd level dressage, so lots of work and she’s an ex eventer since being a young horse), so I dont know if I even need a loading dose.
Any suggestions on maintenance dosing?

I followed the Adequan loading dose. I plan on 1x a month now and seeing if it makes a difference.

There is no such thing as “generic Adequan” near as I can tell. This product says it is the same medicine but that doesn’t mean it’s the same drug.

It also looks like this not approved for I.M. use in horses so it’s “off label.” That means any use is “veterinary experimentation.”

This doesn’t mean don’t use it; it does mean that you are now a “pioneer.” And we know how to identify “pioneers.”


Yes it is the same drug (same chemical compound) as Adequan.
Adequan totes the claim that there is no generic because they are the only approved one. Ichon is not generic, it is a different brand, and is approved for a different use.
We has several people at the barn use Ichon successfully back when adequan was not available. And now we can’t get Adequan here in Canada except through the vet with special permission and a huge price tag. I don’t need Adequan anymore, but if I did I’d be using Ichon instead, much cheaper and I can order online without an Rx.
But if something does go wrong, or your horse has a reaction you are on your own when using something off label. So I guess it depends how risk adverse you are…

As for dose, I ordered Ichon from Ali Vet and it came in 7pk of 6ml vials, in the same concentration as the 6ml Adequan vials. So one 6ml vial is one dose for an average horse

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Both “polysulfated” and “glucosaminoglycan” are generic terms, and don’t tell you the actual structure.

I use Ichon IM (also in Canada as above poster and can’t get Adequan, plus it’s insanely expensive if you can manage to get it/exchange rate horrible).

I use in the same way as Adequan - loading dose of 1 vial every 4 days for 7 vials.

However, my vet did suggest trying (in addition) the extra one dose per month regimen to see if it helped, and we noticed a difference, so he’s on it.

I did have diagnostics done (x rays, flexions, multiple exams, blocking, and he’s been bone scanned for another issue) so we know what we’re working with.

After just the loading dose, there was a difference but it didn’t seem to last. I began the monthly dosing and after 2 (I think) extra monthly doses, vet returned and performed another exam including flexions. This horse had previously flexed off on the left hock (after loading dose) but then was not flexing off after the monthly doses.

If you’re not treating an active problem, then likely you should just follow the recommended program per Adequan and do the loading dose as needed.

When I used it for a mare with an arthritic knee, one vial helped for about 3-4 weeks, depending on how cold it was. She was eventually euthed due to that knee, but I do think it helped keep her comfortable her last year.