Hi tribe- I’m looking for some information regarding ICSI when picking stallions. I’m considering a custom foal and with that I’m doing some research on stallions. How do you know if you will need to use ICSI with their semen? Is it a semen quality issue? Fresh vs frozen? Since there is such an added cost to ICSI I’m trying to avoid a stallion I may need to use that with and don’t want to get my heart set on something first.

Get on Facebook and become a member of every single Warmblood breeders group you can find. Ask the question there.

Thank you for your input. I have done this as well! Just hoping to cover all my avenues! :grinning:

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ICSI is usually a last resort for a stallion with poor quality semen, or there’s such limited availability you can’t afford to potentially waste a dose. If the stallion of choice has lots of foals with regular AI, then you shouldn’t need to consider ICSI. That info shouldn’t be hard to find if you do some searching, or even ask here or a few of the good FB groups.