Ideas - Cat with high temperature, not eating, but . .

Yay Nigel! I hope he eats and talks all weekend.


I hope Nigel is still feeling talkative and hungry after the weekend!

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A&B … found something new today !

Try the Squeeze Up by Delectables !

It’s like cat food purée in a yogurt in a squeeze tube … comes in a four pack … not much in one tube but BOY DO CATS LOVE IT ! at least my pickiest eaters … I use it for a treat but only because it’s pricy for the amount.

Jingles , might be good for Nigel !

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Thanks, I will try that! He’s eating better, but still not doing great on the canned cat food. So I’m still looking for that ‘it’ food he’ll dive into.

For the first time since this all started, I’m feeling like maybe we’ll get him through this. I hope I didn’t just jinx it. But he’s been eating dry food and boiled chicken all weekend, and drinking plenty of water. His eyes are bright. I also started him on that protein/fat supplement I ordered from Amazon -

and he’s been acting perkier. I think he’s even gained a few ounces. (Boy I REALLY hope I haven’t jinxed it now!) He goes in tomorrow, so we’ll see if they see a difference on the scale.

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Because most of my cats are derals ,my word for domesticated ferals and the vet visits are such horrifying experiences for ALL of us , I purchased a baby scale and weigh them periodically due to old age and illness at home.
Or I do have one cat - that the carrier is pre-weighed with towels or whatever (wt written on outside of carrier) then at the vet the carrier with cat is placed on the scale and then we do the math. * This ensures cat safety in the vet lobby where they have the scales = STUPID ! IMHO for cats !

Just an idea for the future … my baby scale has alerted me several times to needing to get to the vet.

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I’ve been tempted to get one in the past, but I’m not sure where I would put it!

The vet has two scales - the larger one, and the smaller one for the cats. They know the carrier weight and can do them in the carrier, too. But Nigel is pretty good about sitting in the smaller one. :slight_smile:

I’m so happy for you and Nigel!! Such great news that he ate well all weekend and is looking brighter. I hope he gets a good checkup when he goes for his treatment tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:

How do cats get histoplasmosis? Didn’t you say that it’s pretty rare? It sounds horrific. :anguished:

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I put my scale ? well anywhere on a table, bookcase. I leave it out all the time so they are used to weighing and getting a treat for weighing in

Weight Watchers should give a tasty treat for weighing in !

Squeeze Ups at grocery new display on top shelf of cat food area not really easy to see

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My go to new food for kitties coming off a really sick streak is the wet kibbly things from fresh pet. They’re in your grocers fridge case. It’s a really different texture than pretty much anything, so for those cats that have a lot of aversions from feeling poorly, it can really tempt them.

Tiki Cat is another good bet. The chicken shreds with egg has always been super popular for my sick ones.

Good luck finding something that he gets excited about!


Thanks for that - I will look for it. I tried Tiki Cat. He ate the kitten mousse for about a day, then stopped. I have a bunch of the mousse - I got several in case I had to syringe feed him again!

It’s rare here in Kansas - it’s endemic in the Ohio Valley region. Birds carry the fungus, so when a cat eats a bird that has it, or their poop, they ingest the fungus, and it takes up residence in the body. Mike’s settled in the kidneys and bone marrow. Nigel’s went to his lungs.

My vet thinks it’s far more common than we think, but since it’s not supposed to be in Kansas, no one tests for it. Nigel is the 11th cat they’ve diagnosed at their clinic in 8 years. We have 5 vets in the county. So he’s seeing only a small fraction of animals in the area.

It really is horrible. Cats can’t shed it on their own, so they eventually die, usually of starvation or organ failure if not treated. Even with treatment, if it wasn’t caught early enough, they can still die.


Scary! I haven’t heard of it here but I probably just haven’t heard of it.

It makes me wish my outside/indoor in bad weather cat would be happy inside all the time, but when it’s nice he wants out.

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I hope things went well for Nigel at the vet today.

Every once in a while, one of my brutes will catch a bird but they specialize in moles/mice. :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, the vet has now turned into a total odyssey . . . last week, three of the assistants were out sick, so they were running with a skeleton crew AND mostly curbside drop-off. That’s continued into this week. I don’t mind that. But Nigel’s injectable antifungals have not arrived yet, and the clinic is out, so we may have to order it from a local pharmacy … . at ten times the price. Meanwhile, Nigel is still eating dry and nibbling at salmon (he has made it clear that his affinity for the boiled chicken has come to an end).

I’m trying to figure out who I pissed off . . . clearly, someone has put a curse on me.

A little good news - Nigel had gained weight today! The vet called to celebrate. :slight_smile: Not much - about 5 ounces - but since he’s only been losing weight for the past 6 weeks, I will take it! He’s still a bag of bones - doesn’t want the Fresh Pet, either - but if he eats enough dry, and I supplement with a little canned, maybe we can get him through this.


Yay! At least he is eating enough to gain, even just a little! I noticed on the hyper t forum on Facebook there is a shortage starting in some foods, including prescription.

I went to PetSmart and luckily they had most of the premium brands along with some friskies pate so I got enough for a little while.

If worse comes to worse I’ll break out the grinder and do raw if I have to.

More keep eating vibes for Mr. Nigel!!

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Yay on the weight gain! Progress! :partying_face:

Bummer he wasn’t excited about the fresh pets :frowning: I’m sorry if you mentioned this earlier, but is he on anything for his appetite? That can be so helpful.

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Does he like pate or chunky? My picky little guys waffle back and forth with what they deem acceptable. They still like the FF appetizers and broth, the Instinct in a pouch that’s chunky, and some of the Purina pro plan in the small cans… chicken and rice, tuna…

Sometimes they’ll eat friskies pate and with that I mix a little hot water in it just to add a little extra.

This time they ate the Wellness turkey and salmon but wouldn’t touch the Core.

I’m just glad he’s eating enough to gain. :grin:

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He’s on Entyce which he tolerates well. He just hit a bad spot yesterday - we ended up having to get his meds from a local pharmacy, and today was his first treatment in a week. Not happy about that, but …