Ideas - Cat with high temperature, not eating, but . .

Let us know how the checkup goes. It’s so upsetting when you know they’re not feeling well but you don’t know how to help them. Can fungal infections take a while to go away? Seems like I have heard that before. Hang in there and hugs to both of you.

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Yes - depending on the severity of the infection, it can be months. Mick started feeling better almost immediately, but the cat diagnosed after her actually died before the meds could kick in. So it’s wait and see right now.

Thanks. Yesterday he was being social and relatively active - today, he’s hiding. I wish I knew what else I could do.

Jingling extra hard for poor Nigel. i hope he feels better soon.

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Me, too. He ate a little - very little - chicken baby food a couple of hours ago. I will try him on some more at bedtime, when everyone else has settled down or gone into their crates.

A little update on Nigel - he went back to the vet on Monday, and again yesterday. Yesterday, his fever was finally down! I’m not sure he’s quite at normal yet, but it’s not 103, at least - for the first time in a month. He is eating a little dry kibble, and a bit of canned - I have about 20 different kinds of food to offer him at any given time. Today, he wanted straight tuna out of the can, so that’s what he got. He’s skin and bones, but hopefully with the fever gone, that means the anti-fungal medicine is starting to work, and he will start to feel better in a week or so.

Here’s a photo of Nigel (on the left) with Hammie this afternoon:


Jingles ! Love the picture !

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Great news! Sweet picture. :heart: I hope you can enjoy your Christmas and Nigel keeps getting better. It’s been rough for poor kitty and poor you!

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Thinking of you and your sweet kitty.

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what a charming pic. I hope Nigel starts feeling better. I had a cat that ran a temp of 107 (No joke) for a couple days and then it just hanging around 104 - never did figure out what was wrong. I wound up feeding her just treats because that was all she wanted. Also, try a poached chicken breast. Plain water or low sodium chicken broth. My diabetic cat camped on that because it was all that appealed to her.

Have a happy Christmas! Stay strong. (((hug)))

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What sweet little kitties! I hope Nigel has turned the corner and starts feeling better soon!

I hope he’s plump in no time. :slight_smile:

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Saturday Jingles & AO for you and your beloved cats !

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Thank you - and Nigel needs them today. He didn’t do so well yesterday and went back to the vet this morning. He hid most of yesterday, and it was hard to get him to eat anything. The vet agreed to board him for the weekend and see if he eats better there, where he doesn’t have to deal with the other cats. We’re still waiting for the results of the blood test - hopefully soon we’ll know if his histo levels are even treatable or not, but probably we won’t have that back until Monday or Tuesday.

Poor Nigel.

Jingles for him and for you!

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Thanks. I am just so over this up-and-down thing. He’s good one day, crashes the next. I thought maybe we’d finally turned a corner on Wednesday, but I guess not. I keep waiting for him to turn the corner, and he never does. Boarding him is sort of a last-ditch effort.

It has to be heartbreaking to go through the ups and downs. I can’t imagine. :frowning:

Hugs and jingles!!!

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Crossing fingers and wishing all the best for Nigel. :heart: I’m so sorry that both of you are having to go through this.

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Jingling for you and Nigel .
Such sweet kitties.

Do cats get sore throats?

One of the barn kitties was sick at one time and I tried giving her some wet food . She wolfed down two bites and then walked away.

I dont know if she was nauseous or if it hurt her to swallow.

Is there anyway for a vet to determine that?
I ve read other threads about treating cats for nausea, is there anyway to treat sore throat?

(The barn kitty did recover, but I dont know what she had )

Anyway, hope poor Nigel gets better soon.

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I have really considered the nausea idea, and ran it past the vets, but they seemed to think it wasn’t that. I would be willing to try an antacid or anti-nausea meds on him, for sure.

Still jingling for Nigel. I hope he turns the corner soon. It would easier if you KNEW what was wrong with him. This ??? must be maddening.

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