Ideas to keep barn doors open and dogs out?

I would like to be able to keep my barn doors open and am trying to figure out something to put up to keep my dogs out? Anyone dealt with this? Thanks :blush:

Depends on what kind of dogs. Big dogs that will jump high? Tiny dogs that can go through gaps?

I would probably get one or two sheep panels and find an easy way to attach them. If you’re in and out a lot, maybe build a frame on one and put wheels on it so it would roll back and forth as you come and go.

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I bought a wire (cattle or stock) panel from TSC and put it across the wide doorway. It is their tallest panel, 60". The cat can fit thru the gaps but not animals much larger. We have snaps on the door handles to snap on the wire. Push doors more open to add tension for keeping panel firmly upright. Works well here. You can cut the panel shorter for narrow doorways, also lessens the weight for moving panel aside for driving in or out of the barn.

Found the neighbors dog coming out of the barn, when that thing tried to bite me! Panel went up that day to close off the barn aisle, to prevent dog getting in again!! We also made a couple ‘hinged gates’ from panel that cover the people doorways to keep dogs out. Gates are nice for allowing us easy in-and-out, but letting solid doors stay open…

Wire panels are not very expensive, solid, always can find a use for the pieces.


What size dogs and what size opening?

Great idea, I think the panel with a wheel would work good. I have 4 golden retrievers and would not attempt to jump. Thanks

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Thank you the panels would work. I have 4 Golden Retrievers but I know they wouldn’t attempt to jump it. Thanks!

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