Identity Guard flagged this site

Fyi for the admins. You have some security issues. Identity Guard just advised me to change my credentials & log out of this site. If there was a breach, you need to let your users know.

Thank you for letting us know. I’ve forwarded a link to your thread to the developers. If you can grab a screen shot and send it to me, if it contains any further information, that may be helpful.

I just got the same notice that it is on the dark web-email and password. No other information.


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I got the same notice.

An update from the developers:

They have done checks on all COTH servers and there is no indication of any security issues, however they are still looking into why some users have received this message.

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Thank you for keeping us informed @Moderator_1!

I got an alert from a VPN service and it described the leaked data as “ip, password hash, username” and said “This breach appears on multiple hacker discussion boards.” I’d like to delete my chronicle account and can’t find a way to do that on your site.

Apparently my user name and password for COTH showed up on the dark web per my virus scan software. I changed my password. It was also there from another vendor so did the same there. I guess it was from the Great Hack.

Which brings us to the Great Hack; which, is another issue. I freaked out over the posts on various BNTs sexually abusing minors and one shooting a client and the subsequent discussions. At one point, I deleted every post I made that I could find. After the Great Hack, almost all of my posts started popping back up. It was weird. I hope it was y’all rebuilding the site that caused that and not something else.

The site has also been slow and booted me out. This may actually be a good thing to help cool everyone down when emotions are rising.

Some of these alerts could be phishing scams.

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There is a thread about this in this same section of the forum. All the extra traffic because of the trial has caused some problems. Slow and booted out has been happening to everyone.

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