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If You're a DFW Horse Nut...

…or if you live in DFW and like horses but don’t necessarily identify as a nut…:lol:

I’d really appreciate it if you’d help spread the word about the North Texas Tack Swap happening in Fort Worth on April 12th. It’s from 10AM to 3PM at the YMCA Camp Carter Equestrian Center.

Join the horse community from 10 am to 3 pm to shop, sell and trade your new and used tack, show clothing and anything else horse-related.

The North Texas Tack Swap is open to everyone. Pre-register by emailing northtxtackswap@gmail.com for just $15/table before April 10th, or pay $20/table at the door. You’ll need to bring your own tables and chairs if you’re selling. There are no commission fees – all prices and proceeds are set directly by the sellers.

Parking and admission are free. :cool:Rain or shine, the Equestrian Center’s covered arena and barn are ready for some shopping! A concession stand is on-site, so no need to pack a lunch!

Special display boards are available at the event to advertise horses, trailers and other large items for sale (please, no live animals or trailers on site), so flyers and business cards are welcome. Local horse groups, shows, clubs and professionals may also advertise on the Horse Pros & Shows display board, so be sure your club and events are represented!

Find us on Facebook at “The North TX Tack Swap” or pre-register to sell by emailing northtxtackswap@gmail.com.

**You’re welcome to forward this on to anyone you think might be interested – if you refer a friend, your selling spot is just $10! :smiley:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Where is that center?

YMCA Camp Carter is at 5800 Meandering Rd River Oaks, TX 76114. If you’re traveling through Fort Worth on I-35 south, you’ll exit for Loop 820, then exit Jacksboro Hwy/199. It’s about 2 miles back from the freeway - really easy to find!

watch out for the deer as they are all over that camp

I would love to come but FW is just too much of a hike. Wish you luck!

Wow, sounds like FUN! Can you sell anything horse related?

watch out for the deer as they are all over that camp[/QUOTE]

Are they armed?

Just joking - I appreciate the heads up! We’ll actually be at the Camp Carter Equestrian Center, which is a different campus than actual Camp Carter. Hopefully deer won’t be too much of an issue during morning/early afternoon!

We’re aiming for fun! So far, I’ve got people bringing ALL sorts of horse-related stuff to sell: high-end show saddles and show clothes all the way down to that random pile of rein stops and bits that mysteriously reproduce in the corners of tack rooms. We’d love your help to spread the word - hope to see you there!

Well, since my “big” horse passed away 14 years ago and it seems unlikely I’ll replace him, I’ve got a ton of stuff that needs rehomed… :smiley:

Oh man, I really want to go to this! Sounds like so much fun. I never get off the farm. Stuff like this is why I wish I could drive lol.

Well darn, all this time I was thinking the 12th was a Sat. Can’t go on Sun., and I have a ton of nice stuff since! Hope they’ll do it again.

If you can find a ride, we’d love to have you!

Here’s what’s up for grabs SO FAR: Show Clothes, Breyer Horses, Bridles, Bits, Blankets, Show Saddles, English Saddles, Halters, Boots, Mini Horse Tack, Driving Tack, Books, Saddle Pads & TONS more!

Want to SELL your tack? Email northtxtackswap@gmail.com to reserve a space for just $15 by April 10th - $20 at the door. Can’t wait to see y’all there! :smiley:

Shared on my Mini horse driving club’s FB page!!

I have to share. I read “DFW horse nut” as Dead F’ing Weird horse nut. :lol:

Good luck with your swap!