Ignore function is not working properly

I have a couple posters whose posts I had chosen to ignore forever, but they’re showing up again for me, even when I go back and re-ignore them. Just making y’all aware that there seems to be an issue with the forum software and that function.


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My guess, I also just had a few glitches show up, like first post on a thread empty.
Those things seem to happen when they are working on the web site programs on the background.
I wonder if that is why some functions don’t quite work right at those times?

The powers that be love for posters to keep them informed when things don’t work, thank you.
Having places to check makes easier guessing where problems may be coming from.

@Moderator_1 just bumping this - even when a person’s profile is showing them as ignored, their posts are still showing up with no way to hide them.

Could you try logging out, clearing your cookies for the site, logging back in and see if that helps?

Sorry for the trouble!

@supershorty628 Also, what browser/version are you using? Thanks!

Hi – using Chrome, just logged out and cleared cookies, the few people I have on ignore are showing up again, and there is no way to change that.

Just bumping this again. It appears that anyone who hides their profile cannot be ignored. I use the feature sparingly, but honestly I had this person on ignore for the sake of my own mental health.

Those who hide their profile cannot be ignored from the user card (the thing that pops up when you click on the username) but they CAN be added to your ignore list in your profile.

Click on your avatar in the upper right, then your username, then preferences. Select “user” from the drop down. Add the user to the ignore list.

(I’ve just confirmed that I can add people there, and that those people are ignored. Ignore isn’t broken globally. You might go there & confirm your “ignore” requests haven’t expired–they can be set to last a certain time & then drop off.)

I just tried. It is not working – when I select a time frame, I get an error message.

Did you try forever?

Can you grab a screenshot of that error and either share it here, or PM to the moderator? It may help them figure out what’s going wrong.

Thank you, @Simkie. I was just able to ignore someone with a blocked profile (how? why?) using that technique.

Alright, here’s something that might be tripping you up @quietann

When you go to add someone to the ignore list, user names populate as suggestions based on what you’re typing:

You have to select a name. When you select a name from the list, it will show with an “x” next to it.

When you select a time, and then add, it will add that user to the list:

BUT. If you type the entire username and do NOT select the username from the list, there won’t be an “x”:

And when you try to add to ignore, you’ll get an error. Even though you have a valid time frame.

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ah, an ongoing problem I see.

Aside from the annoying steps one has to take when ignoring a poster with a hiden profile (serious shortfall there) it is tiresome that the ignore function randomly gives out. So I scroll past several hidden messages from said poster, then suddenly poof, they are back.
And then we tramp back to the long and convoluted trail to shove them back into oblivion.